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As I get closer to releasing Janet’s Yellow Butterflies, I have been reflecting on some of the literature, media and memories that inspired ideas for it.

Today’s inspiration is Scotland. I love its intriguing timelessness and unique culture, steeped in history. Did you know that there is evidence of people living across its breathtaking landscapes since at least 12,000 BC? The mind boggles!

I also have a great fascination for the fighting spirit of its people – from everyday Scots, through to the legendary stories of the likes of Robert the Bruce, William Wallace, and Mary, Queen of Scots. 

As I have delved deeper into our family tree on both sides, I have learned more about my Scottish heritage. Three of the cities I have ancestors from are featured in Janet’s Yellow Butterflies – Glasgow, Paisley and Edinburgh.


*Spoiler alert*
In the 1700s storyline, Mairi escapes her impending execution in Dornoch in the Scottish Highlands, and finds her way south to Glasgow (photo 1). She uses the cranes along the River Clyde, like those in the centre of the horizon in the photo, as a beacon to find her way to the only person she knows outside her hometown.

The view from the window of Mairi’s new home would have looked something like this photo, minus the contemporary buildings of course!

In the modern day storyline, Tahlia and Annie are drawn to a family member living in Glasgow, in their pursuit to uncover the story of Janet Horne. The significance of this becomes clear after an exploratory trip to the Highlands.

Later in the 1700s story, Paisley (photo 2 below) becomes the setting for a lavish wedding, and the home of a central character.

In the modern day story, an important discovery involving the ‘healing rose’, which was outlawed in the 1500’s by the queen, takes place in Edinburgh (photo 3 below). 

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