Motherhood #MyWritingInspirations

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As I get closer to releasing Janet’s Yellow Butterflies, I have been reflecting on some of the literature, media and memories that inspired ideas for it.

Today’s inspiration is motherhood. My eldest child turned 18 on Friday, which has been a very special time for our family as she ‘comes of age’. It has been lovely to look back on photos and memories to reflect upon her journey through childhood into adulthood. 

Her birthday being so close to Mother’s Day has helped me to appreciate the influence I have had upon my children’s lives. The below quote sums up the principles I have tried to live by with their upbringing:

When you’re a child she walks before you ~ to set an example, When you’re a teenager she walks behind you ~ to be there should you need her, When you’re an adult she walks beside you ~ so that as two friends you can enjoy life together

On reflection, I think my own mother and father took the above approach to parenting too, and I can see that this influence has been passed down in turn from their parents. I believe that we are subconsciously influenced by who and what surrounds us throughout different times of our lives.

In Janet’s Yellow Butterflies, my upcoming novel, there are a number of parent-child and grandparent-child relationships. Most are happy, healthy and caring relationships which fit the above ideal. There are many instances of rolemodelling, imparting of wisdom, nurturing and comraderie.

But there is one parent-child relationship which has been fractured by unexpected circumstances. After a long period of estrangement, the family must rally great strength and courage to try to repair the damage. But will this be enough, and what will the fall out be?

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Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and grandmothers. For those of you who celebrate Mother’s Day at a different time of year in your part of the world, why not celebrate motherhood today as well!