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Lion movie

As I get closer to releasing Janet’s Yellow Butterflies, I have been reflecting on some of the literature, media and memories that inspired ideas for it. 

Today’s inspiration is the movie Lion.

*Spoiler alert*
Lion is the true story of Saroo, who was accidentally separated from his family at the age of 5. After journeying thousands of miles across rural and urban India in search of his village without success, he is fortunate to eventually be adopted by a loving Australian family. However, he cannot shake the desire to find his birth family, and spends years trying to piece together the details of his childhood. Twenty-five years after his separation, he finally finds his village and is reunited with his mother.

Saroo’s story influenced my thinking for two aspects of Janet’s Yellow Butterflies. Similarly, two characters are separated for decades, and experience an emotional reunion. Saroo’s story helped me empathise with the emotions they may have felt leading up to, and during, that poignant moment of reconnection, and in the aftermath of what would happen next. Imagine the intense churn of emotions – courage, doubt, hope, fear, joy, guilt, relief – as the answers to so many long-held questions unfold.

Secondly, Saroo was able to use google earth to plot out his movements after becoming separated, to eventually pinpoint the location of his village. This also influenced my ideas on how Tahlia and Annie could utilise technology to aid their search in uncovering the story of Janet Horne.  

I highly recommend the movie Lion, but – don’t forget the tissues!

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