Janet’s Yellow Butterflies blurb

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The final blurb for Janet’s Yellow Butterflies is now complete. One step closer to publication! Sign up for updates at emmaelizabethauthor.com

True story: Scotland, 1727
Janet and her daughter (we’ll call her Mairi) are about to become the last people legally executed for witchcraft in Britain. Shortly before the execution, Mairi mysteriously disappears, leaving her mother behind…

Their story, reimagined
Experience this reimagining of what might have unfolded in the days leading up to the execution, and after Mairi’s miraculous escape. How did she survive? What did her future hold? Who did she leave behind?

Digging up the past
Where there’s mystery, there’s intrigue. Modern day Australian Tahlia, and her grandmother Annie, are determined to uncover the secrets of the events that transpired almost 300 years before. Their quest will change their lives forever!

Get ready for goosebumps!
As you navigate the twists and turns of Janet’s Yellow Butterflies, you’ll be surprised how many connections you’ll discover between two worlds, 300 years apart.

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