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Life After Janet

An upcoming novel by Emma Elizabeth

True story ~ Scotland, 1727: Janet and Mairi are the last people sentenced to death for alleged witchcraft in Britain. Shortly before their execution, Mairi mysteriously disappears…

Emma Elizabeth reimagines the final days leading up to the execution and the elation of Mairi’s miraculous escape. How did she survive? What did her future hold? Who did she leave behind?

Where there’s mystery, there’s intrigue. Modern day Australians Tahlia and Annie are determined to uncover the secrets of the events that transpired on the other side of the world, almost 300 years before. Their journey of discovery will change their lives forever!

Savour the poignant moments, experience the goose bumps and delight in the tangible connections to the past throughout the twists and turns of Life After Janet, the exciting first novel from emerging Australian author Emma Elizabeth.

About Emma Elizabeth
~ Historical Fiction Author

Emma Elizabeth has a long-held fascination for family history research puzzles both real and fictional, and loves bringing them to life with her passion for writing.

Having spent most of her life in an historic goldmining region of Victoria, Australia, her writing reflects her appreciation for the natural and built environments surrounding her, both regional and urban. She enjoys writing intriguing and engaging stories which intertwine modern day lives with the lives of yesteryear, meticulously connecting them through place, artefacts, culture and family relationships.

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Life After Janet will be published in the not-too-distant future. Follow Emma on Facebook or Twitter for publishing announcements and updates, or contact her via email.